It Takes One to Know One

The first exhibition of Harup, It takes one to know one was on October 1st 2016. Exhibition took the idea of the traveler's notebooks but instead of taking the notes and the drawings out of that notebook, it brought together the artists that the traveler encountered on the journey. The works of Michael David Conduit, Büşra Erkara, Cyriel Jacobs, Cansu Korkmaz, Pria Sasha Nayar, Lucien Samaha ponders on ideas like voyeurism, gentrification and isolation. The exhibition gathered photography, mixed media, video installation and illustrations of the artists in İstanbul. The exhibition was held in Harup Yeldeğirmeni on 1st October and it was a part of the Open Studio Days İstanbul between 7-9 October 2016.
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Michael David Conduit
Büşra Erkara
Cyriel Jacobs
Cansu Korkmaz
Pria Sasha Nayar
Lucien Samaha